Bio-Circle CB 100 ALU cleaners and degreasers

Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, introduced CB 100 ALU to its bio-renewable lines of cleaners and degreasers.

CB 100 ALUCB 100 ALU is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser that is specially formulated for use on aluminium and non-ferrous alloys. Similar to the original CB 100 cleaning solution made for steel and stainless steel, CB 100 ALU is a water-based solution that leverages the power of Nature Boost.

Nature Boost is a raw material derived from plant extracts that is exclusive to Bio-Circle. It can be used to clean ink, paint, rubber marks, tar, wax, resins, carbon, soot, pastes, adhesives, and many other hard to clean contaminants. By using a bio-renewable product such as CB 100 ALU with Nature Boost, the by-products that are produced float to the surface, allowing workers to easily skim the contaminants out of the cleaning solution.

CB 100 ALU is a great alternative to solvent and petroleum-based cleaning products, as it lasts 5 times longer. In addition, it is a safer solution as it is VOC free, non-flammable, and softly scented. It can be used with industrial parts washing machines, immersion tanks and ultrasonic baths. CB 100 ALU works well at room temperature or heated, is non-corrosive and bio-degradable.

“CB 100 ALU is a great choice for companies looking to improve health and safety in the workplace” said Patrick Lapointe, VP Research & Development at Walter Surface Technologies. “Not only is CB 100 ALU a safer alternative to toxic solvents, but the solution lasts much longer, allowing companies to reduce their consumption cost, and eliminate the need for expensive hazardous waste removal and ventilation equipment associated with using toxic solvents”.

CB 100 ALU is available immediately in the following formats; 3.78L/1Gal, 20L/5.3 Gal, 208L/55 Gal and 1000L/264 Gal.