Posted May 8, 2023

Low-VOC degreaser SLAP SHOT

WALTER Surface Technologies' new, reduced-VOC SLAP SHOT heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser dissolves and removes grease, oil, and grime on contact without leaving residue. This new addition to WALTER’s wide array of cleaning solutions aims to deliver on productivity while also reducing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which negatively impact both worker health and the environment.

Slap Shot from Walter Surface TechnologiesWALTER has an experienced in-house R&D team that includes PhD-holding experts who carefully developed the new SLAP SHOT LOW VOC’s unique formulation. Designed to rapidly clean the toughest contaminants, this new product delivers heavy-duty performance inspired by WALTER's original and highly popular SLAP SHOT but with less than 10% VOCs.

SLAP SHOT LOW VOC was designed with current and upcoming industry regulatory requirements in mind to ensure compliance to the highest standards, offering users an effective and easy solution. It is therefore a 50-state compliant parts and brake cleaner, adapted to also meet California’s tight VOC standards as well as Canada’s 2024 VOC regulations. Its special, modified formula not only satisfies strict requirements but also surpasses other products in the market by offering unprecedented performance on top of delivering a low-VOC content.

Since its beginnings in 1952, WALTER prides itself on taking initiative and forging paths towards better, safer products and services and the new SLAP SHOT LOW VOC is one of the many upcoming next-generation chemical solutions aimed at enhancing users’ results while minimizing environmental impact. “At WALTER, we always strive to deliver high-quality and efficient products that offer superior productivity while still prioritising safety. That is why our team researched, tested, and perfected this innovative formula that delivers the best of both worlds, crafting a new, better future for WALTER’s chemical products,” said Faezeh Sabri, M.Sc., PhD, product manager - Cleaners, Lubricants and Disinfectants.


  • High-performance, heavy-duty degreaser & parts cleaner with <10% VOCs
  • 50-state compliant parts and brake cleaner
  • Heavy-duty formula that dissolves tough contaminants quickly
  • Leaves no residue
  • Free of chlorinated solvents
  • Strong aerosol jet

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