Cimcool InSol lubrication

Cimcool Fluid Technology introduced InSol lubrication.

CimcoolThis new technology coupled with unique surfactants and inhibitors provides excellent multi-metal performance without the use of extreme pressure additives.

Productivity gains up to 20% have been observed when compared to chlorinated lubricants, and the technology works on both machining and grinding operations.

“InSol Technology puts lubricant at the cut zone-tooling interface so the lubricant and cooling are optimized. Since InSol Technology works though controlled water solubility, this great performance lasts longer due to low depletion rates. Best of all, InSol Technology can help out on tough to process alloys without using materials that can drive waste hauling costs up” states Bruce Koehler, product manager, Cimcool Fluid Technology. “When you couple that with process savings, lower tooling usage and more productivity output, this is what manufacturers are needing to help control costs and improve efficiency. “