Posted May 11, 2023

HinderRUST prevents corrosion on electrical terminals, hardware

HinderRUST Electrical Corrosion Protection is engineered by Fluoramics to prevent corrosion and oxidization on electrical terminals and hardware.

HinderRUST Electrical Corrosion ProtectionSafe to use on electronics, HinderRUST Electrical Corrosion Protection has a high dielectric constant and can be used with AC and DC currents. Electrical Corrosion Protection is a rust-stopper that is moisture-displacing, solvent-free and non-flammable (liquid). It is not electrically conductive and may be applied on new installations and on existing rust without any prep.

Electrical Corrosion Protection stops corrosion on battery terminals, grounding wires, wiring harnesses, generators, windings, air conditioning units, electric panels, mounting bolts, and hardware. Electrical Corrosion Protection can also be used to free up seized fan motors. Use Electrical Corrosion Protection on new electrical connections to keep them like-new and use on old connections to restore them to like-new.

Designed to spread and soak into hard-to-reach areas, its penetrating protection fights oxidization on copper, aluminum, brass, and steel, and will not attack plastics. Solvent free, it will not evaporate, and it lubricates while protecting against corrosion.

Electrical Corrosion Protection is solvent free, which means it is safe for users, will not evaporate, and may be used in enclosed spaces.

"Electrical Corrosion Protection provides corrosion protection to fine wire coils and motor casings plus provides lubrication to bearings and motors shafts," says Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ president and chief chemical engineer.

All Fluoramics thread sealants, industrial greases, industrial lubricants, and corrosion control products are Made in the USA.