Posted July 13, 2016

Milacron CIMPULSE 49MP metalworking fluid

Milacron announced a new product release to its CIMPULSE metalworking fluid line.

COMPULSECIMPULSE products are designed to cover a broad-range of applications with trouble-free performance allowing customers to use one product across a wide range of operations.

CIMPULSE 49MP is an oil-containing, multi-purpose fluid for both machining and grinding. It offers high performance without the use of traditional extreme pressure lubricants and is recommended for turning, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, tapping, and grinding of most metals. It is excellent in hard water situations and leaves a light, manageable residue and customer feedback regarding the fluids cleanliness has been very positive. More importantly, it is easy to use and minimizes the number of products CIMCOOL customers have to inventory.

“CIMPULSE 49MP evolved from listening to our customers’ requirements who want more. Our initial CIMPULSE family of products has been the fastest growing launch of products in CIMCOOL’s history,” said Bruce Koehler, CIMCOOL senior product and technical services manager.

CIMPULSE 49MP fits between CIMPULSE 45MP and CIMPULSE 51MP by offering:

  • Broad range applications even on tough jobs
  • Improved cleanliness of operation with excellent operator acceptance
  • Low foaming characteristics
  • Excellent sump life
  • Reduced concentrate consumption and carry-off
  • DCHA free chemistry

Koehler added, “This is a great product for job shops or large manufacturers wanting to minimize the number of products they have to stock. Our own Milacron manufacturing locations use our CIMPULSE fluids, and CIMPULSE 49MP was validated on our own metalworking processes. You can’t get a better endorsement than using the best fluid in your own facilities.”