CRC EZ Cross App updated

CRC Industries announced significant updates to its EZ Cross App.

CRC EZ CrossIntroduced in 2014, the cross reference app has received rave reviews from distributor sellers and end-users looking to standardize their MRO product offering. Designed as a competitive cross reference, EZ Cross App will match a competitive product to a corresponding CRC product. CRC improved the user experience and made it easier to share missing competitor data. Enhancements include:

  • CRC's competitive database has grown by 20%, and continues to grow daily.
  • The search field will now accept manufacturer name or product description in addition to the UPC scan or part number. More information improves the one-to-one results.
  • Users can send CRC an email if a competitive product fails to show a CRC result. Users will have the ability to send pictures or email a message containing competitor product details allowing CRC to evaluate a product submission and provide users with an answer.