Posted February 1, 2017

Stronghold Coatings PlasticMetal

Stronghold Coatings introduced PlasticMetal, the industry’s first two-component repair technology that can be mixed in various ratios for small and medium repairs to many types of metal.

Stronghold Coatings PlasticMetalUnlike pre-mixed polymers which have a set viscosity, this a unique resin and powdered metal system can be mixed in small quantities in thicknesses to suit particular application requirements. Whether used as a putty, paste or liquid, it yields high compression and tensile strength, and bonds to all metals. This fast-curing compound can be machined after hardening, making it ideal for the repair of defects, pin holes, blow holes and porosity in castings, and to repair machining errors and wear areas in cast iron, steel, aluminum and other alloys. It is highly resistant to physical and thermal stresses, including high chemical resistance, and temperature resistant to 250 C (482 F) continuous. With 12 formulations including those for cast iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, red brass, iron oxide alloy and ceramic, there are thousands of potential applications across a wide range of industries, including the

When mixed with various hardeners, PlasticMetal can achieve specific characteristics such as viscosity, cure speed, appearance and performance. It can be applied in place with no special tools.