Posted February 8, 2017

Milacron CIMCOOL 35-880

Milacron Holdings Corp. announced that its CIMCOOL brand released a boron and formaldehyde releasing agent-free product for extra heavy duty applications in the aerospace industry.

CIMPERIALCIMPERIAL 35-880 is a high performance emulsion suitable fluid for a number of heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. CIMPERIAL 35-880 is equipped with CIMCOOL’s unique CimShield® Technology. CimShield technology ensures product stability and the pH buffering of the mix and provides excellent corrosion protection. CIMPERIAL 35-880 fluid is an excellent choice for the manufacture of aircraft components made from aluminum, titanium, steels, stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, and cobalt-based alloys.

CIMCOOL Global Technical Director, Tony Koolhaas stated, “CIMCOOL Fluid Technology recognizes aerospace as one of the most technically driven industries in the world. CimShield Technology demonstrates our understanding of the global demands to create products that are boron and formaldehyde free while providing productivity gains in today’s most demanding aerospace applications.”

“CIMCOOL continues to innovate and change the way our customers think about fluids. CIMCOOL manufactures revolutionary fluid technology for the aerospace industry and is one of the most OEM approved fluid suppliers in this global market,” said Gerrit Jue, CIMCOOL Fluid Technology President.