SKF grease cartridge pump

AECP is a compact cartridge pump from SKF that provides effective lubrication to applications such as small agricultural and construction machinery. The robust, compact cartridge pump simplifies and improves lubrication by dispensing grease from standard tubes that are widely available from distribution or retail outlets.

The pump automatically lubricates up to 22 lubrication points making it more time- and AECP cartridge pump by SKFcost-effective than manual methods.

“Using standard grease tubes makes refilling an auto-lube system as easy as refilling a grease gun,” says Jordan Butler, product line managerm, lubrication, at SKF. “This saves operator time and automates a time-consuming maintenance task.”

The system keeps both grease and the machine clean, and OEMs are likely to see a reduction in warranty claims over traditional manual greasing methods. Other benefits include increased equipment availability and reliability; simpler maintenance; lower cost of maintenance and spare parts; and easier retrofitting.

The AECP requires no special refilling tool or equipment. Grease is stored in standard grease cartridges making it easy to swap out and prime while the motor and pump elements pull grease in a metered way. The use of cartridges also allows for a wide range of lubricants. It also fits into tight spaces and can withstand harsh working conditions and environments.

The pump can be used to create a small progressive lubrication system when combined with SSV progressive metering devices. A built-in sensor gives early warning that a cartridge needs replacing. For more advanced monitoring options, the AECP can be operated with a controller.

This product is available in North America.