Posted December 17, 2018

JTM Products SynMAX synthetic coolant

JTM Products Inc. has announced a new line of full synthetic metalworking coolants.

SynMAXSynMAX coolants benefit from a radically different chemistry to exceed the performance of semi-synthetic fluids but without oil and without the historical drawback of past generations of synthetics. The result for operators is maximized machining output yielding more parts per hour while machining steel, aluminum and difficult to machine alloys.

“SynMAX coolants will change the way the market thinks about synthetics,” said Jennifer Lunn, senior chemist, Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist, JTM Products. “Our field trials have proven that a full synthetic – containing 0% mineral oil – can be used to replace a high oil product without sacrificing lubrication. In fact, lubrication is improved.”

SynMAX coolants are formulated to cut aluminum as efficiently as steel, making them an ideal choice for multi-metal shops. They eliminate staining of sensitive metals as well as surface and vapor phase corrosion. Parts and machine tools remain clean, with a light oil- like film to lubricate surfaces. SynMAX coolants are an excellent choice for through the tool coolant delivery, for difficult to machine alloys (such as in medical or aerospace applications), and wherever precision tolerance and high finishes are required. Additionally, they are exceptionally well-suited when cycle time improvement is needed or when tool life improvement is desired.

Three SynMAX coolants are available. All meet Boeing BAC 5008 Revision U for steel, aluminum and titanium and are REACH compliant.