Posted February 1, 2019

Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids launched two new products

Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids launched two new products – Non-Haz 32 and Non-Haz FRHF 46 – that feature biodegradable, water-based, non-glycol formulas, offering a premium, completely non-hazardous solution for hydraulic systems.

Non-Haz Hydraulic FluidsNon-Haz Hydraulic Fluid’s flagship Non-Haz FRHF 46 hydraulic fluid is Factory Mutual-approved and has unique fire resistant and non-hazardous advantages. Unlike any other product currently on the market, it contains enough water to prevent fire ignition with no flash or fire point.

“We are proud to announce that Non-Haz FRHF 46 is the first of its kind: both non-hazardous and fire resistant. It’s made without any toxic chemicals, which cuts costs on hazardous waste removal and prevents expensive fines from environmental leaks or spills,” said Mike Broughman, president of Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids LLC. “If you want to be a more advanced, environmentally friendly company, or your company is focused on ISO 9001:2015 risk management, then Non-Haz FRHF 46 is the state-of-the-art product you can trust to bring you into the next level in your industry.”

The globally accepted Non-Haz 32 and Non-Haz FRHF 46 fluids are ideal for the die cast and manufacturing industry, but can be used for any industry that needs optimal performance from its hydraulic energy systems while being completely non-hazardous.

Unlike other water-based fluids or straight oils, its advanced anti-wear components and exceptional heat transfer properties lower maintenance costs by extending pump life and increasing lubricity with wear. In addition to those features, Non-Haz FRHF 46 also protects high-pressure, high-temperature machines from fire and corrosion.

Both are EPA approved, but the Non-Haz FRHF 46 is also Factory Mutual approved, and meets U.S. Steel Requirement No. 171. They also pass the ASTM D2882 Eaton-Vickers V104C pump test and the ASTM D 4172 4-Ball Wear Test. They are compatible with other water-based fluids, and will reduce operating temperatures by an average of 10%.

“The non-hazardous components and innovative fire resistant technology is built for the more competitive, innovative industries of the future,” said Broughman. “This is a truly excellent, revolutionary product for any company looking to improve and perfect their hydraulic system performance overall.”