Posted December 11, 2018

Madison Chemical pre-paint solutions

Madison Chemical introduced a comprehensive 4-page brochure which details its line of formulated chemicals designed specifically for the unique pre-painting needs of metalworking and manufacturing facilities.

Madison Chemical pre-paint chemicalsThis full-color brochure describes alkaline cleaners, rust preventatives, phosphate coatings, non-phosphate coatings, cleaner/coaters, as well as specialty products including sealers, dry in place and wand applied products which are suited for all types of metal cleaning and coating prior to painting. In addition to thorough product descriptions and usage suggestions (with dilutions), the literature also includes testimonials from manufacturing customers. These proven products were developed by Madison’s team of metalworking specialists and Chemists, to enhance the painting process for manufacturers of all sizes and volumes.

Pre-paint products are available through Madison’s nationwide network of direct technical representatives who assist customers in all stages of their metalworking processes, including process development.