Posted April 11, 2023

Two-tools-in-one plier wrench

Klein Tools' 10-Inch Plier Wrench functions as an adjustable wrench on flat-sided fasteners as well as a pump plier for pipe and other round objects.

Klein Tools plier wrench

Highlights include:

  • High leverage design provides strong hold on working piece
  • High-lever ratio provides exceptional grip when holding or bending various workpieces
  • Handle level adjustment minimizes hand travel and allows adjustment in confined spaces
  • Maximum versatility with 2’’ max jaw opening and 20 adjustment positions
  • Knurled teeth on reversible jaw provides extra “bite” when working with conduit and pipe
  • Parallel jaws provide secure and smooth gripping of nuts, bolts and miscellaneous workpieces

“Designers at Klein Tools are always looking to make innovative tools that serve multiple functions for trade professionals,” said Daniel Pearson, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “The new 10-Inch Plier Wrench brings together the best parts of an adjustable wrench and a pump plier to make one tool that saves professionals time and space in their tool bag. Its reversible jaw provides smooth parallel jaws characteristic of traditional plier wrenches, with the added versatility of knurled teeth on the verse side when extra bite is needed.”