Posted October 31, 2016

VectorEdge diagonal cutters

Six new sizes of VectorEdge Diagonal Cutters from Snap-on Industrial are manufactured from cold forged alloy steel for precise cuts and reliable performance.

VectorEdge diagonal cutterUsing VectorEdge Blade Technology, which are jaws comprised of two matching “knife” edges and designed with the joint closer to the blades for increased leverage, the tool cuts through a variety of hard and soft materials, such as cable ties, hoses, copper wire to harden music wire and spring steel with ease. Every cut from the VectorEdge Diagonal Cutter is smooth and predictable, without leaving burrs, and also features a cushion handle for a solid, comfortable grip.

The VectorEdge Diagonal Cutters come in six sizes:

  • 5-inch diagonal cutter (product number 85ACF)
  • 6-inch diagonal cutter (product number 86ACF)
  • 6-inch long mini diagonal cutter (product number 808CF)
  • 7-inch diagonal cutter (product number 87ACF)
  • 8-5/6-inch high leverage diagonal cutter (product number 388ACF)
  • 11-inch diagonal cutter (product number 312CF)