Posted February 12, 2018

Crescent/Lufkin self-centering tape measure

Crescent/Lufkin announced a redesigned version of its popular Self-Centering Tape Measure that makes finding the midpoint of measurements quick and easy.

Crescent/Lufkin self-centering tape measureImprovements include a new ergonomic case for added comfort and a quad-rivet end hook for extended blade life.

The Crescent/Lufkin Self-Centering Tape Measure is perfect for hanging pictures, finding the midpoints of walls, and many other measuring jobs around the house. It features unique blade markings, resulting in a tape that takes the math out of finding the midpoint of any measured distance. A black upper scale shows the actual measurement; a lower scale directly beneath it shows the midpoint in red. For example, if the upper scale reads 2-1/4", the lower scale will show 1-1/8".

“This Self-Centering Tape Measure has been improved based on extensive analysis of user needs,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, product manager – branded trade tools. “The new dual material co-molded case fits the hand and provides improved comfort and control, while the new quad rivet end hook will provide substantially longer blade life.”