Posted July 1, 2020

Keep the dirt out with REED L4N1XP Ratchet Wrench

The REED L4N1XP Thru-Bolt ratchet wrench keeps the dirt out.

REED L4N1XP Thru-Bolt ratchetThe new “XP” model features sealed ratchets for best performance and extra protection for jobsite conditions.

The four sockets in a dog bone configuration are designed to stay on the handle, meaning no loose sockets. Length and shape of handle yield maximum leverage. Plus, rugged grip handle provides a secure hold. This wrench (1-1/4", 1-1/8", 1-1/16" and 15/16") replaces the need for multiple wrenches and sockets – carry one wrench for all your jobs. This is the ideal wrench for water, sewer and gas installations and maintenance. The L4N1XP is made in USA.