Posted June 2, 2021

Mayhew low profile screwdrivers

Mayhew Tools introduced three new low profile screwdrivers, including a #1 Phillips, a #2 Phillips, and flat tip.

Mayhew low profile screwdriverThe innovative, low profile design provides high performance screwdriver application in hard-to-reach areas. More specifically, the 10 mm alloy steel bit is compact enough to reach into those space limiting areas, while still affording full engagement to the screw at a 90-degree angle. The tools are ideal for any application where space is limited, such as automotive assembly, small engine repairs, dash and/or door actuator applications, and more.

Each of the low profile screwdrivers is sold individually:

• Part # 16990: Low Profile Flat Screwdriver
• Part # 16991: Low Profile #1 Phillips Screwdriver
• Part # 16992: Low Profile #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Measuring 4.25” in overall length, the screwdrivers slim, low profile design makes them convenient to access, transport, and store. The contoured handle fits securely in the palm of the hand to provide a comfortable and reliable grip. The heat treatment applied to the handle in the manufacturing process enhances the tool’s durability and reinforces its strength while the open slot in handle design allows the user to fasten or secure to a key ring or other device.