Knipex larger size pliers wrench

The new, larger size pliers wrench, from KNIPEX, eliminates the need for a full set of wrenches by providing the functions of pliers and a wrench all in one tool.

Pliers wrench XLWith a length of 16 inches and a capacity of 3-3/8-inches, the new pliers wrench XL features excellent gripping, holding, pressing and bending by employing a 10-to-1 lever ratio.

The push-button, positive-locking mechanism allows for a wide range of adjustment positions while the gripping jaws remain parallel regardless of handle position. With smooth jaws, the pliers wrench holds the full surface of a nut or bolt and will not slip or round out the fastener. It will not damage or mar workpieces, making it ideal for work on chrome-plated fittings or soft metals.

KNIPEX’s pliers wrench XL is lighter in weight and outperforms when compared to conventional open-end wrenches of the same capacity. Its unique ratcheting action allows for extremely fast turns of nuts and bolts without having to reset the tool.

“This new, larger pliers wrench tool combination frees up tool box space by eliminating the need for a set of SAE or metric wrenches,” said Alan W. Sipe, president and general manager, KNIPEX Tools. “Having a pliers and a wrench in a single, innovative tool provides users with the function of gripping pliers and the versatility of a wrench, while also working like a ratchet.”

Constructed from high-quality, chrome-vanadium steel that has been forged and oil-hardened for strength, the pliers wrench has a slip-resistant, plastic-coated handle. Its larger size makes it appropriate for applications in oil and gas, hydraulic piping, utilities, food and beverage industries, industrial and residential.

The pliers wrench XL joins the KNIPEX line of pliers wrench models in sizes ranging from 5- to 12-inches, with capacities from 0 to 2-3/8 inches.