Posted December 11, 2017

Kapro Tool Optivision Red Leveling products

Kapro Tools’ line of OPTIVISION Red leveling products provide unmatched clarity, the company says.

OPTIVISIONThe OPTIVISION line includes the 905 Condor Box Level, 935 OPTIVISION Red 10-inch Toolbox Level, 946 Smarty 4-inch Magnetic Pocket Level and 930 SmartCast Heavy-Duty Mason’s Level.

Kapro’s patented OPTIVISION vial features an easy-to-read vial bubble with super defined edges and strong surrounding color definition, as well as an extra set of reading lines for setting gradients at 1 and 2 percent. The OPTIVISION Red’s unique epoxy-locked tilted setting offers a direct line of sight to the bubble, which makes reading the vial easy and provides more precise results.

The high contrast ratio between the red bubble and vial liquid in Kapro’s solid acrylic vials makes visibility up to eight times easier than clear liquid vials with white backgrounds. OPTIVISION provides superior visibility in low light and bright light and is UV-resistant, meaning the vial always maintains its original color contrast and visibility.

“Kapro’s patented RedEffect is a proven attention-getter on the worksite,” said Gal Wollach, vice president of business development at Kapro Tools. “In addition to standing out in the toolbox, Kapro’s industry-leading OPTIVISION products deliver more precise leveling results in the high-quality, durable construction professionals seek.”