Posted December 3, 2018

Snap-on offset extension wrench

As any technician can attest, some fasteners are just a pain in the neck to reach. But that pain is easing, thanks to the new Offset Extension Wrench from Snap-on Industrial.

Snap-on offset extension wrenchThe Offset Extension Wrench (part number FRW10) provides 10” of reach, making it easier for technicians to loosen or tighten hard-to-grasp fasteners that are buried in assemblies.

Once the 3/8”-drive Offset Extension Wrench and socket are attached to a fastener, a ratchet, impact or pneumatic wrench is connected to the opposite end. The Offset Extension Wrench’s chain-driven design means there is 0° of swing arc. The powering tool and the Offset Extension Wrench do all the work.

Ideal applications include:

• Industrial machinery
• Power generation
• Aerospace
• Automotive