GearWrench Double-X Pliers

GearWrench introduced its line of Double-X Pliers for industrial technicians.

GearWrench Double-X PliersDesigned with a patented compound joint that allows the jaws to open wider than the handle, the pliers minimize handle movement for use in the most restricted spaces. The double joint design offers maximum reach without exceeding the center point of interference. The Double-X Pliers feature serrated tips for precision gripping and a dual dipped cushion grip handle for increased comfort and grip. Several varieties are available, include straight tip, 45-degree, duck bill, internal/external snap ring and hemostat.

"The Double-X Pliers are a life saver for automotive and aviation technicians who use them as a pick-up tool and for cotter pin and electrical terminal removal," said Paul Steinweg, director of branded products for Apex Tool Group. "We've learned that technicians working at industrial facilities face similar challenges and believe the Double-X Pliers will enable them to work more effectively in tight spaces."