Posted December 20, 2017

Kett straight-handle shears

The KL-200 Double-Cut Shears from Kett Tool cut cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, plastic and Formica without warping or bending the finished piece.

Kett KL-200 Double-Cut ShearsThe result is less wasted material, and a savings of time and money for manufacturers and contractors.

“Metal workers in the shop or on the job site will appreciate how easy this straight handled tool is to use, in addition to the fact that they can get more use out of every sheet,” said Kathy Conlon, president of Kett Tool Company.

The Kett KL-200 shears are lightweight and maneuverable, and can easily follow a scribed line. They are capable of cutting a radius as small as 6 inches.
The Double-Cut Shears’ dual blades transfer any distortion produced in cutting to a small 7/32” waste strip, leaving behind material edges that are not hardened or burred to allow maximum use of sheet material. The blades’ swiping action also seals edges of coated metals.

The tool uses a 4 amp straight handle, single speed electric motor to produce straight or contoured cuts in cold rolled (C.R.) mild steel up to 18 gauge, most grades of stainless steel to 20 gauge and plastics and Formica up to 3/32” – all at speeds up to 300 inches per minute. All shear heads are precision made in the U.S. featuring A-2 tool steel blades for prolonged durability.