TASK TOOLS 5-in-1 All Purpose Caulking Tool

TASK TOOLS has launched the first all-in-one caulking tool that combines five different tools into one unique product.

TASK Tools 5-in-1 caulking tool“This is one of those innovative tools that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist before,” said Sandip Khrod, product manager at Task Tools.

Features of the new tool include:

  • The Flat Surface Scraper is an angled straight-edged scraper to clear away materials on flat surfaces.
  • The Caulking Shaver has a triangular tip to slip into grooves and remove caulk easily in one pass.
  • The Caulking Remover has a sharp point that gets into tight corners to remove excess material.
  • Caulking Tube Cutter has a razor sharp blade to precisely trim caulking tube tips at the desired depth.
  • The Rotating Finishing Tip allows the user to select from four radii (3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm) by rotating the indexed rubber tip. The rubber tip leaves a smooth clean bead.