Posted December 16, 2020

Mayhew Tools extends Dominator pry bar line

Mayhew Steel Products extended its Dominator Pry Bar product line with the addition of the new Dominator Economy Curved Pry Bar series, featuring single composite, ergonomic handles.

Mayhew Dominator Economy Curved pry barThis new curved pry bar series provides users with the same high-quality features that the Dominator pry bar line is known for, offering a variety of sizes suited to project scope at a value price point option. Lightweight and versatile, yet highly durable, the Dominator Economy Curved Pry Bars are ideal for any lifting or prying applications.

Each item in this new pry bar series is presented in convenient retail packaging. The sets featuring (8-inch, 13-inch and 17-inch pry bars) and (13-inch, 17-inch and 24-inch pry bars) are offered in clamshell packaging, while the individual pry bars are offered with a sturdy hang tag. Both packaging options deliver space efficiency for maximized shelf space.

The ergonomically designed handle provides maximum comfort, and its capped end allows for the user to apply striking force without causing damage. This capped end also doubles as a shock absorber, reducing hand fatigue. A hardened and tempered alloy steel shaft runs from the cutting edge straight through to the handle for maximum durability and prying power. Each pry bar offers a black oxide finished blade to help prevent rust and reinforce long-lasting toughness. All Dominator Economy Curved Pry Bars are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by a lifetime warranty.