Posted June 22, 2016

OX Tools stainless steel tape measure

Accuracy and durability are at the forefront of features that professionals look for in a tape measure and OX delivers on both and as an added bonus, rare earth magnets embedded in the tang to stick to ferrous materials.

OX 25' Pro SS Tape measure“User research indicated that traditional housings were not constructed to withstand multiple drops that are very common on the jobsite and that over time, the markings would become hard to read due to heavy use,” states John Diplock, managing director for OX Tools USA. “We overdesigned this new tape measure to exceed user expectations.”

The 25’ Pro SS Tape Measure showcases a 1-3/16" wide tape with double-sided with easy-to-read inch fractional markings with 1/8” increments symbolized. The nylon coated tape blade boasts a 9’ horizontal standout.

The business end of the tape has a double-sided tang that offers multiple points to grasp the material and can also sit flush with metal.

The stainless steel case protects the tape from the harsh workplace environment and the rugged over-molded cushion grip increases comfort and provides added slip resistance.