Posted March 29, 2017

Snap-on Versatorq2 torque metering

Snap-on Industrial’s advanced Versatorq2 torque metering and data acquisition system is now rated intrinsically safe.

Snap-on Versatorq 2With ATEX, UL, ULC and CE compliance, the Versatorq2 is another way the industry leader in torque tools is helping keep planes in the air, trucks on the road and heavy equipment at work.

The Versatorq2 is designed especially for applying torque and inspecting fastener torque in hard-to-reach places and hazardous areas. It enables accurate torque application using a standard ratchet or breaker bar of any length, and when used with Versatorq2 sensors (sold separately), it has an accuracy rating of ±1% of reading from 10% to 100% of sensor range.

Other features and benefits of the Versatorq2 system include:

  • Track Mode (displays applied torque value) and Peak Mode (displays highest torque value)
  • Eight different sensors are available separately (smallest – ¼” drive; 2-20 in-oz.; Largest – 1’ drive; 150-1,500 ft. lb.)
  • Data storage and recall for up to 3,500 measurements
  • Non-volatile flash memory retains data for 10 years or more
  • Plug-n-play mini USB for easy data download—no client software needed
  • Customer calibration supports ASME and ISO
  • Includes carrying case, mini USB cable, belt clip and batteries