Knipex Tools Screw Extractor

Knipex Tools introduces a new, extensive line of double-edged bolt and screw extractors.

Knipex screw extractorThe Rennsteig double-edged bolt extractors represent a new generation of tools for easily removing damaged screws and bolts.

The key feature of the new extractors is four, double-edged cutting and gripping edges that equal eight points of contact. Designed for both left- and right-hand threaded screws, the extractor’s cutting edges provide non-slip engagement allowing users to remove the toughest, frozen bolts. The new extractors feature a center point so no additional tools are required to mark the center point for the drill hole.

Along with eight points of contact, the high-alloy, German chrome vanadium steel extractors feature a hexagonal driving flat that provides optimum torque and a 58-percent larger size for a better wrench grip compared to square-head styles.

“Having to deal with a screw or bolt breaking is frustrating,” said Alan Sipe, president and general manager, KNIPEX Tools. “Our new Rennsteig extractors make the task much easier. These extractors easily remove the damaged fasteners and have the quality, design and materials that you count on from KNIPEX Tools.”

Extractors are available as individual pieces with a range of sizes from 1-7 for bolts 3/16-inch to greater than 1-inch or in three- and five-piece sets. The three-piece extractor sets come in a plastic tube and the five-piece extractor sets come in a packaging choice of plastic tube, vinyl pouch or metal case. All of the packaging options are ideal for storing the screw extractors between uses to keep them clean and organized.