Posted March 30, 2021

Snap-on 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart

The new 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart from Snap-on Industrial provides convenient mobility, a durable design, and generous storage of tools and equipment for any shop or hangar.

Three-Drawer Workstation CartThe 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart (KRSC4130) comes with three 35-inch wide drawers of varying depths for more storage capacity. The oversized bottom section offers security and strength with a lockable door and powerful 500 lb. load capacity. The heavy-duty polymer worktop ensures toughness and longevity.

Features and benefits of the KRSC4130 include:

  • Vibration-absorbing casters that offer a more stable environment for tools and equipment
  • 17,500 cubic inches of storage
  • Availability in 13 colors with chrome or black trim to match any workspace or personality

The KRSC4130 comes with optional accessories, including:

  • 18-inch Mobile Power Tool Stand (KA18X5PC) to keep your tools organized and ready to go
  • Slotted Side Panel (KA1734) to hold tools such as hammers, chargers and power tools
  • Prybar Rack (KAPR17A) to hold prybars and handled tools, providing secure storage with a hinged and lockable lid