Posted April 24, 2018

Digitool Solutions SPT Series Torque Tester

Digitool Solutions announced the next generation in digital torque tool testing, the SPT Series Torque Tester.

SPT Series Torque TesterThis small compact tester features calibration lab accuracy and mobility to mount to any solid surface horizontally or vertically. The SPT tester will help control all torque applications on the production floor, tool cribs and calibration labs. Accuracy level on this tool is ±0.5 percent of reading 10 to 100 percent of scale and operates in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions. The SPT tests all mechanical click, presets, dial, beam and electronic wrenches.

The SPT Series features:

• Torque ranges from 24 in-lbs to 600 ft-lbs & 3-813 Nm
• Drive sizes of 3/8, 1/2, 3/4”
• All SPT tools measure in-lbs, ft-lbs & Nm scales.
• The SPT Series is compliant with ASME B107.29-2005 standards.
• Each tool is serial numbered for traceability and supplied with certificates, (COC)
• Easy to operate 4 button key pad
• 3 Modes: Track, Peak Hold and First Peak
• Warning LED, Buzzer and Vibration
• Precision machined steel mounting block
• Self contained Torque Tester meter
• Operates on a Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery up to 300 hours
• Manufactured in the USA

The SPT Series Testers provide an affordable way to control your torque tool program with testing and even calibration. The tester is capable of accurately testing any manual or electronic torque tool. This tool has the ability to test tools that have a ±2% accuracy capability or lower. The built in Go-No-Go programming is set for ±3% Go, ±4% Go alert indicators provide the operator a simply way to accurately track and record the acceptable target torque settings. This program eliminates the need to do any manual calculations.