Posted December 11, 2018

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

Gearwrench developed its new Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets to provide a simple solution to the common problem of removing, weathered, rounded or damaged fasteners.

Gearwrench Bolt BiterGearwrenchBolt Biter Extraction Sockets don’t cut and dig into rounded fasteners using sharp one-direction spiral design blades as other extraction sockets do. Instead, the tapered internal flutes of incrementally-sized Bolt Biter sockets fit snugly over stripped or corroded fasteners, gripping even the most rounded shapes to turn and remove them. Because Bolt Biter sockets grip instead of cutting and digging, there are four major benefits:

1. The socket is simply placed onto the rounded fastener; no hammering onto the fastener is needed.
2. It is much easier to disengage the socket from the fastener once the fastener is removed.
3. The fastener is not destroyed during the process and can be re-installed using the same Bolt Biter socket, especially important if the fastener is a non-standard part.
4. Bi-directional design which allows for user to not only remove a damaged, rounded or weathered fastener, but also reuse it.
5. Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets have up to ten times the useable life of cutting-type extraction sockets, which quickly become dull and unusable.

“Tool users will tell you the thing they can’t stand the most is losing time when a tool can’t get the job done. If time lost is money lost, then time saved is money in your pocket, and that’s what the Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets are designed to do better than any other on the market,” said Jarrett Wolf, Gearwrench product manager. “These sockets address the biggest needs out there while providing a level of durability not typically associated with extraction tools.”

Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets can be used with both hand and power tools. They incorporate a square drive with a hex outer shape for easy use with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench or pliers.