Auto-Grip locking pliers

A women-owned, national tool company based in Northern Virginia, has announced the launch of the Auto-Grip locking pliers.

Auto-Grip locking pliersAuto-Grip is the first self-adjusting, completely automatic, one-handed locking pliers that provides a long-waited, vast improvement to the one tool nearly every handyman keeps in his/her toolbox, the company said. From professional contractors to the do-it-yourselfer – all are familiar with and use locking pliers, but with the introduction of the Auto-Grip this April it will be the first bona fide enhancement to that tool since 1958.

The new Auto-Grip locking pliers have a patented locking mechanism that users set once. It then allows the user to quickly clamp onto thick or thin objects with one hand over and over again without constant adjustment or re-adjustment. There is no need to adjust the pliers over and over to get the right grip. It makes any building or repair task easier and faster. 

The locking pliers – made in three sizes – are professional grade, and guaranteed for life. The company also makes self-adjusting, one-handed groove joint pliers.