Irwin box beam levels

Irwin 2500 and 2550 Series box beam levels have a rugged frame tough enough to ensure accuracy every time.

Irwin box beam levelWith convenient, time-saving features like Plumb Site for dual-sided viewing, innovative removable end caps and a continuous endge for scribing, work is completed faster and more accurately. Irwin's 2000 and 2050 Series box beam levels have a slimmer yet amazingly strong box beam profile that also includes Plumb Site technology and an ingenious retractable end cap design for leveling into corners for accuracy and time-saving benefits. All Irwin Series levels ending in 50 include convenient magnets for hands-free use.

Leading Irwin's I-beam offerings, the Irwin 1500 and 1550 Series I-beam levels are constructed of durable aluminum and feature Irwin's Dual Chamber design. These levels include the Plumb Site feature plus MagnaVials, which are 20 percent larger for easy, accurate readings.