Posted October 11, 2016

Industrial textile knife packaging for Wilson brand knives

New user-friendly packaging designed to hold multiple Wilson Brand Knives used in the cutting of cloth, textiles or composites has been introduced to the market by Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS).

Wilson knivesMade with industrial-grade plastic and designed to take up less space, this new packaging protects users retrieving knives and opens up shelf space for distributors.

Produced with a molded double-sleeve telescoping design, this new packaging allows easier access to the knives inside simplifying the process of selecting one and then resealing the package for safe keeping of unused knives. Newly designed foam end cap closures make it easier to open and close the packages while still keeping the knives secure, and protecting their tips ensuring that the products stay factory sharp.

For both users and distributors, this new packaging allows for increased stackability due to its horizontal shape and squared-off ends. This design decreases inventory space while increasing the number of knife packages that can be placed within a certain footprint on shelves or counters.

A wide range of Wilson Brand Textile and Cloth Blades is available from Hyde to cut a broad array of materials from garment fabrics designed with natural or man-made fabrics or leather to carpet and upholstery in commercial cutting applications, composites and other textiles. Slitter, shear, guillotine, mill blades, bias slitters, and hand knives are available for manual or automated use on textile cutting equipment from all major manufacturers. Specially designed hollow-ground knife edge designs discourage binding delivering superior, cleaner cuts.