Posted February 2, 2022

Williams Flextensions

Increasing productivity while improving safety are what Williams Flextensions are designed to do.

Williams FlextensionsBuilt for the technician who works extensively with engine and heavy equipment manufacturing, assembly and repair, these drive extensions are exactly what you need to get the job done right.

Featuring an integrated (non-removable) design of the drive extension and socket, Williams® Flextensions increase productivity by allowing reliable, continuous workflow without concern for the socket disconnecting from the extension. This is a significant improvement upon the older hand-tool type ball-retained sockets, which commonly became separated during use, resulting in injuries and/or disrupted workflow.

Available in a wide variety of SAE and Metric socket sizes and extension lengths, and in both 1/2” and 3/8” square drives, most are available in “Tension” and “Non-Tension” models.

Features and benefits of the Williams® Flextensions include:

  • Durable black oxide finish
  • Sockets feature SUPERTORQUE™ lobular openings for greater turning power without deforming the fastener
  • TIG welded socket retention pin provides full rotation power to the socket
  • 7/32” cross hole and beveled drive end for easy use
  • Up to 30° angle offset
  • Designed for hand and power tool use (impulse or direct drive); not for impact tool use
  • • Made in the USA