Posted December 19, 2019

Mayhew adds Automatic Center Punch to CatsPaw line

Mayhew Steel Products Inc. expanded its CatsPaw product line with the addition of its new Automatic Center Punch, part no. 17329.

CatsPaw Automatic Center PunchNo need to use a hammer with this tool as an automatic spring-driven punch is delivered after being pressed against a surface. The punch force, ranging from 13.5lbs. - 31.5lbs., can easily be adjusted with the simple turn of a knob, located on the handle. Ideal for marking personal tools and equipment, the Automatic Center Punch is suitable for use on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood and more.

This product features a strong chromium-vanadium alloy steel body as well as an ergonomic handle comprised of polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber that allows for effortless handling. The Automatic Center Punch also helps establish a proper starting point on workpieces to prevent drill bits or screws from wandering.

Automatic Center Punch Tool specifications are as follows:
• Part No. 17329
• Dimensions:
    o Overall Length: 155 mm
    o Tip O.D.: 6 mm
    o End Cap O.D.: 36 mm