Swanson ProScribe tape measure

The new ProScribe tape measure from Swanson Tool features a patented innovative, retractable scribe guide and centering pin to help contactors’ measure and mark to cut lengths and radiuses.

Swanson ProScribeMarketed under the company’s professional-grade Savage brand, the ProScribe integrates several valuable marking functions, including the compass-like ability to measure and scribe circles, as well as the chalk-line-accuracy to measure and mark/score straight lines.

The retractable, 1-1/2-inch rigid scribe guide allows contractors to transfer a specific measurement by sliding the guide along the edge of a board or drywall sheet, while the reinforced tip is used to mark the work piece. Users can also easily position a case knife or carpenter’s pencil against the tape's metal tip to cut/score or mark the desired width.

Many woodworkers already perform a similar marking function using the tape housing or an index finger as they slide the tape across a wood edge. But this technique often generates inaccurate measurements and painful wood slivers. The ProScribe’s smooth, fence-like face allows a user to place their index finger and thumb behind the scribe guide to hold the device flush against the edge of the work surface, so that markings are consistent and accurate.

Also housed in the retractable scribe guide is an exclusive centering pin that—like a carpenter’s compass—allows users to precisely scribe a circle or arc or to mark the center point of a work piece.