Handy Safety Knife

The Handy Safety Knife is worn like a ring and features a unique curved blade design that makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut himself or herself – or anyone else.

Handy Safety KnifeAccording to statistics, about 30 percent of workplace injuries today involve cuts or lacerations, and about 70 percent of those injuries are to the hands or fingers. Predictably, the most common causes of cuts and lacerations are knives, box cutters and other hand tools with blades. Now, there is an alternative to straight blades as well as retractable “safety” blades that still must be exposed to work.

Because the demands of every work place are different, the HTK Company, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, offers four styles of the Handy Safety Knife, plus vinyl wrap options. Whether you choose the Ball Point, The Original, The Basic or Razors Edge, each style of Handy Safety Knife provides a safer, efficient cutting tool for employees working in environments such as warehousing, manufacturing process, food services, hospitality, horticulture, and agriculture.