Posted March 3, 2021

Snap-on Slip-Joint Pliers

Most technicians know the frustration of rounding off a fastener when trying to remove it with a pliers.

Snap-on Talon Grip FlankJaw Slip-Joint PliersIt kills your momentum, slows you down and wastes time. Just like you, Snap-on Industrial has had enough…and did something about that.

The new 8" Talon Grip FlankJaw Slip-Joint Pliers from Snap-on Industrial works to prevent fasteners from being rounded off by using FlankJaw geometry to place the load away from the corners on hex nuts and bolts. This design secures hex heads without rounding, while also providing up to 30% more torque to bust them free; the Talon Grip, with a relocated-joint design, provides up to 57% increased pulling power.

Features and benefits of the 8" Talon Grip FlankJaw Slip-Joint Pliers include:

• Optimized for grabbing 5/16-1" hex heads
• Patented three-position slip joint, plus shear cutter provides a smooth cut with minimal hand pressure
• Longer contoured handle for added comfort and better leverage
• Cold forged steel with higher alloy content for added durability and strength
• Available in three colors; HJ47ACF (red); HJ47ACFG (green); HJ47ACFO (orange)