Posted August 10, 2022

Mayhew 2-piece painter's set

Mayhew Tools introduced a new 2-Piece Hammerless Painter’s Set to its existing Hammerless Tools product line.

Mayhew 2-piece Hammerless Painter's SetThis set contains a 2/32” & 3/32” Nail Set Combo to sink nails and brads that are sticking out of trim or frames and a Hinge Pin Remover which allows you to quickly and easily drive door pins out without damaging wood or trim.

These unique, spring-powered tools are safe to use while also delivering extreme force and precision, without the need for a traditional hammer. Delivering up to 3,500 lbs. of striking force, you simply place the tool directly on the work surface, pull back the spring, and release – gaining extreme accuracy while avoiding mishits and glancing blows.

Set details below:

Item# Description UPC Code Length Width Height Weight
89022 2PC Painters Set 045256890227 10.500 2.250 0.560 0.315
17353 2/32” Nail Set & 3/32” Nail Set 045256173535 10.500 2.375 0.560 0.157
17360 Hinge Pin Remover 045256173603 10.500 2.375 0.560 0.163