Posted January 22, 2019

Mayhew expands Dominator line

Mayhew Steel Products introduced new 48-inch and 58-inch Dominator Curved Pry Bars available with orange or green handles.

Dominator curved pry barsThe heavy-duty pry bars are ideal for any lifting or prying applications. Their curved design and extended length make it easy to access hard-to-reach areas.

Additional features of the pry bar tools include:

• Hardened and tempered alloy steel shaft runs from the cutting edge through the handle to deliver maximum durability and prying power
• Capped end allows for striking without damaging the handle and serves as a shock absorber, reducing hand fatigue
• The patented two composite handle is ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and secure grip
• Black oxide finish prevents corrosion and reinforces long-lasting durability
• Lifetime warranty
• Made in the USA

The Dominator curved pry bar product specifications are as follows:

• Part No. 14119GN – 3/4” X 48” Curved Pry Bar, green handle
• Part No. 14119OR – 3/4” X 48” Curved Pry Bar, orange handle
• Part No. 14120GN – 3/4” X 58” Curved Pry Bar, green handle
• Part No. 14120OR – 3/4" X 58” Curved Pry Bar, orange handle