Posted August 13, 2019

Snap-on SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench

The new SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial is the only continuously spinning, low profile torque wrench on the market and is 80 percent faster than ratcheting hydraulic wrenches.

SpinTORQ 360The pneumatic-powered SpinTORQ 360 can access tight spaces, thanks to its low-profile head that continuously rotates 360° to provide maximum torque in both forward and reverse directions. With continuous rotation, the SpinTORQ 360 locks into position when energized and is securely in place until the tool stalls – increasing safety compared to ratcheting wrenches, which may fall off the nut when the cylinder retracts.

The SpinTORQ 360’s highly efficient epicyclical gearbox and double-enveloping worm gear design provides reliable, repeatable performance, and its automatic two-speed operation allows for fast rundown speeds, as well as precise final torque speeds.

The SpinTORQ 360 is engineered and built for heavy duty bolting, heavy equipment maintenance, and designed to standard ANSI and API piping flange dimensions, so the tool rests against adjacent nuts during use. An assortment of stack sockets and inserts are available to cover a wide range of hex sizes.

“The SpinTORQ 360 is a productivity tool that increases safety and reliability, and lowers your maintenance costs,” said Bill Washington, Director of Business Development, Bolting Solutions, Snap-on Industrial. “The addition of SpinTORQ 360, along with the recent introductions of several other new torque products, positions Snap-on Industrial as a new leader for heavy duty bolting and tensioning applications.”