Greenlee Mobile Bending Table

Greenlee of Textron Inc. launched a newly designed 881-Mobile Bending Table (MBT) for commercial and industrial electricians.

Greenlee MBTWith its one time set up, this new product can save 60 minutes for every move on an evolving job-site.

“The bending table was a huge asset to us,” said Joe Sinclair, project foreman of Ballard Electric. “It helped us to be more productive on the jobsite due to its mobility.”

The 881-MBT is an all-in-one solution which is easy to set up, stores all components for the 881 Bender and can navigate around the jobsite with ease.

The 881-MBTalso features a compact design which bends up to 4-inch of rigid conduit and 10-feet in length. It also fits comfortably through a standard 36” wide doorway. With pins to secure and lock all bots, the unit makes it faster, safer & easier to operate.