Posted November 21, 2017

Bora Tool Parallel Jaw Clamp

The Bora Parallel Jaw Clamp creates rock-solid stability to offer more precise work and a superior finished product that will result in expert craftsmanship and pride, the company says.

Parallel jaw clampWith the perfect amount of pressure (1,100lb / 500kg), a 3½ inch wide padded jaw, and sizes that range from 12-inches to 50-inches, it becomes an extremely versatile tool for clamping needs.

Bora Parallel Jaw Clamp features:

• Passive lock bottom 3½ inch jaw keeps the jaw in place while winding the clamp. To move it, simply lift the handle and slide the jaw. This makes for easy clamping. And at 3 ½ inches, it’s large enough for any job.

• Padded jaws provide 1,100 lbs of constant, even pressure.

• Available in several sizes - 12, 24, 31, 40 and 50-inch - clamping capacity to ensure no project goes unclamped.

“Bora knows how important rock-solid clamping is to woodworkers, so we designed this exceptional woodworking clamp to specifically meet those needs,” said Todd Gluski, marketing brand manager, Affinity Tool Works. “Add in the little extras that make all of Bora's products stand out, in this case, a passive lock bottom jaw, and large, easy-grip handle, it’s the go-to woodworking clamp that both enthusiasts and professionals will rely on for projects.