Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers

The new Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers from Snap-on Industrial eliminate the dangers of electrical arcing when working on static-sensitive components in and around aircraft and other industrial applications.

Electro Static Discharge Safe precision pliersElectro static discharge is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically-charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. The Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers use specially-designed, ergonomically-friendly handles to safely dissipate static, making it the ideal tool to use on aircraft, avionics components and other sensitive instruments that are prone to building up static.

Performance features and benefits of the new Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers include:

  • Lap joint with screws allows perfect control of the holding torque and assures the user of sufficient threads
  • Special low profile nut design provides greater accessibility than standard screw joints
  • Rigorous testing ensures the microstructure and hardness integrity of the steel
  • Plier halves are hot forged and then ground to achieve an accurate fit
  • Ergonomic handle designed for comfortable grip

Snap-on Industrial offers 13 types of Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers:

  • Plier Chain Nose Serrated (stock number 126CNSERESD)
  • Plier Chain Nose Smooth (stock number 126CNSMESD)
  • Plier Bent Nose (stock number 114BNESD)
  • Plier Snipe Nose (stock number 79SNESD)
  • Plier Round Nose (stock number 79RNESD)
  • Plier Flat Nose (stock number 79FNESD)
  • Plier Tapered 5/8” (stock number 63THESD)
  • Plier Tapered & Relieved (stock number 50TRESD)
  • Plier Tapered 1/2” (stock number 50THESD)
  • Plier Oval Head Flush (stock number 39OHFESD)
  • Plier Oval Head (stock number 39OHESD)
  • Plier Tapered 25/64” (stock number 39THESD)
  • Plier End Cut (stock number 31ECESD)