Posted November 6, 2017

Knipex introduces gripping pliers series

Knipex Tools introduced its series of Gripping Pliers, featruing Universal, Long-Nose and Welding Gripping Pliers.

Knipex Universal Gripping PliersThe 10-inch Universal Gripping Pliers feature a unique, pivoting bottom jaw that automatically adjusts to any workpiece in the field, including square, round, hex and flat materials. The pliers also feature toggle lever action for a high clamping pressure grip, making the pliers ideal for secure, one-handed operation.

The 8-inch Long-Nose Gripping Pliers are bright zinc-plated and feature narrow, long jaws at a slim width of 1/4 inches. The pliers are specially designed for areas difficult to reach. The Long-Nose Grip Pliers also feature a non-serrated gripping area for pinching off hoses.

he Knipex 11-inch Welding Gripping Pliers feature moveable jaws with clamps for cumbersome workpieces and sections with high ridges up to 1 1/2 inches. The maximum gripping capacity of the pliers is 3 17/32 inches.

All Knipex Gripping Pliers have a heavy-duty design with an adjustment screw and release lever for ease of use. The pliers feature one-hand operation and a toggle lever action for high clamping pressure. The body of the Gripping Pliers is made from high-strength rolled steel and the gripping jaws are forged out of chrome vanadium electric steel.

“The heavy-duty Knipex Gripping Pliers series are designed to deliver powerful results, no matter the angle or workpiece,” said Todd Shumate, president, KNIPEX Tools. “With their heavy-duty design, unique jaws and extensive gripping abilities, all three pliers will make a great addition to any tool box.”