Posted October 26, 2022

GEARWRENCH Ultimate Access Solution Sets

Modern cars use smaller and more compact components in the production process, presenting a new challenge for automotive technicians trying to access already hard-to-reach fasteners.

GEARWRENCH Ultimate AccessUntil now, hand tools haven’t kept pace, relying on specialty ratchets or adapters to reach these fasteners, all while costing professionals time and money.

To tackle these pain points, GEARWRENCH created the Ultimate Access Solution: 120XP Locking Flex Head Ratchet and Stubby Socket. When combined, these two unique product lines provide unmatched ability to work in tight spaces. The combined height of the socket and ratchet is up to 50% thinner than standard ratchet systems. To top it off, the flexing head of the ratchet allows mechanics to reach places others can’t.

“Mechanics need to move fast, and lacking the proper tools to tackle tight fasteners in compact spaces can be a major hindrance to getting the job done,” GEARWRENCH Senior Project Manager Chris Coll said. “Understanding the pain points of our customers is always critical to our product development process. With them in mind, we created a sleeker compact designed ratchet head, using the trusted 120XP double stacked 60-tooth pawls providing a 3° swing arc, delivering the same dependability and durability as our our 120XP line that customers have come to trust.”

The locking flex head ratchets and stubby sockets both exceed ASME torque performance requirements, providing extended reliability when used in high-torque applications. The compact head design of the ratchet and shallow height of the sockets improve access to hard-to-reach fasteners by up to 22% compared to standard ratchets and sockets.

The GEARWRENCH Ultimate Access Solution Sets are avalible in 1/4" and 3/8” drive sizes with metric and SAE sets.