Posted April 20, 2017

Bahco Ergo Slim insulated screwdrivers

Working in confined spaces just got a bit easier, thanks to the new BAHCO Ergo Slim Insulated 1000V Screwdrivers.

Bahco Ergo Slim Insulated ScrewdriverNot being able to reach sunken screws and spring elements is a common problem for electricians. The BAHCO Ergo Slim Insulated Screwdrivers solve this by reducing the blade diameter by 30 percent. The screwdrivers’ extra-slim handle design makes the tool more compact and easy to carry; the streamlined integrated protective insulation doesn’t interfere with access to sunken screws, spring elements and other fasteners.

All Ergo Slim Insulated 1000V Screwdrivers are tested per IEC 60900 and in a water bath at 10,000 volts, ensuring secure work at the permissible voltage of 1.000 volts.

Features and benefits of the BAHCO Ergo Slim Insulated 1000V Screwdrivers include:

  • Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, Combination Slotted/Phillips and Combination Slotted/Pozidriv tips
  • High-performance alloy steel blade for more strength and reliability; insulation molded directly on the blade
  • Large rounded end applies force without hurting the palm of the hand
  • Flat face prevents the screwdriver from rolling
  • Optimal length on the handle neck means fingers are always correctly positioned for quick turning and precision control
  • Only rounded shapes mean no pressure points on hands
  • Cylindrical shaft with small diameter helps to tighten and loosen screws quickly and easily
  • Color-coded handle based on tip design for accurate selection
  • Soft, high-friction material with ridged surface for comfortable grip even when the hand is oily
  • Three-component handle combines strong core with sure grip
  • Black tip provides precise fit and no flaking