Williams Safety Knife program

The new Williams Safety Knife Program from Snap-on Industrial Brands includes a selection of utility knives, all of which come with the latest technology to help technicians safely and efficiently perform their job.

Williams utility knivesThe Williams Safety Utility Knives and Blades are perfect for cutting corrugate, cartons, taped boxes, tape, strapping, packing film and shrink film.

  • Ambidextrous Safety Cutter with Holster and Lanyard (product code 40080)
  • 5-Pack replacement point blades for product code 40080 (product code 40086)
  • 3-pack film cutter unit for product code 40080 (product code 40088)

The Williams Disposable Safety Cutter is a lightweight, ergonomic, ambidextrous disposable safety cutter (product code 40082), and is perfect for multi-purpose cutting, food processing areas, corrugate, cartons, taped boxes, film and shrink film. Features include:

  • Retracting safety hooded guard prevents cuts
  • NSF certified for food areas
  • Safety point blade
  • Integrated tape splitter
  • Stainless steel blade for enhanced hygiene
  • 3-button mechanism for top and side cuts

The Williams Disposable Film Cutter comes with durable plastic construction and a long-lasting sharp blade (product code 40084), and is perfect for cutting tape, strapping, shrink wrap and film. Features include:

  • Ideal for use in food areas
  • Integrated tape slitter
  • Stainless steel blade for enhanced hygiene