Posted March 22, 2018

1/2-inch drive tethered ratchet with knurled handle

The new 1/2-inch Drive Tethered Ratchet with Knurled Handle from Snap-on Industrial is the perfect tool to use when wearing thick gloves or working in greasy or oily conditions.

Snap-on tethered ratchetThe new ratchet comes with a knurled handle, a manufacturing process that produces diamond-pattern serrations to allow for a better grip as opposed to a smooth metal surface. This makes the ratchet ideal for use in critical industries such as natural resources, oil and natural gas, rail, large fleets and others, where technicians may be using gloves or working in dirty environments.

The 1/2-inch Drive Tethered Ratchet with Knurled Handle (part number THSHL80AKH), features a pinned square drive to prevent drive tools from being disengaged inadvertently; Dual 80 ratchet technology for true optimal performance in confined areas; and a shackle at the end of the handle for added tool security when working at height.