IPA Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners

IPA says its Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners are the first tools ever made to clean small male and female spade pin connectors.

Diamond Grip Terminal CleanerThe 3-Piece Pro Series Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners (part #8040) feature highly durable and abrasive coatings that clean and enhance flat (spade) terminals.

A 2011 winner of Motor’s prestigious Top 20 Tools Award, the Pro Series Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners are a smart and versatile tool allows a technician to clean both single and multi-pin terminals, the company says.

“If you have ever worked on a car, chances are you wished you had a way of cleaning the corrosion off those small electrical connections,” says Ian Vinci, IPA vice president. “Now there is an easy and efficient way to get the job done.”

The set includes a large, medium and small cleaner for most connectors as well as a premium quality holster.